Robb Conover


I could go on about all my attributes or my honors, but it's easier to let you take the journey yourself. I did study in N.Y. and L.A. and Phoenix. My influences come from every area of the U.S. I let color speak as a tool in my work as well as a deep ability to draw. My ranges are anywhere from Photorealism, Pop and Abstract. My father worked for Disney so there's some of that thrown in there as well. There’s a lot of planning that goes into each of my pieces. I don't just throw paint on a canvas and walk away from it. If you look at my work you can see the detail in everything I do, even the abstracts. There is a method to the madness, a calculated plan to arrange expression and soul into all of my forms that end up on my canvas. I don't believe in accidental meetings, not even in art. There’s a reason for every inch of paint that you see.

Your job is to take the journey and see what you bring back with you on this trip. I've had influences from some of the worlds greatest POP Artists, Watercolorists, Realist and Sculptors of our lifetime as well as my interest in film as an art media. If we are to understand art as an experience we cannot fear what the artist brings back with him from his journeys to other planes and planets. If your taking art too serious then you cannot completely enjoy it. I don’t fall into other artist cliques...I create my own and hope that you will follow. As you study each piece I hope that you feel as important to the piece as the medium itself!

So get ready to enjoy the ride and be ready to get your shoes wet. A multitude of senses are going to hit your palette as you venture to a place, a place you have never been before. I hope your venture, with all the effort you put forth is enjoyable, and I hope that you will want to participate time and time again.  © Spring Art 2012