Join us Saturday April 18th from 10am-6pm for Art Spring Art Festival featuring 4 bands & 20 artist booths. Family friendly  music and art. Free admission for all ages, free parking & byob in sunny South Dallas.

Artwork (Painting, Art Glass, Photography, Ink Illustration, Installation and Performance Art). Music from 3 bands (Blues, Jazz, Rock & Marimba). 


Over 15+ artists will set up booths offering local, accessible artwork. Tiki bar is byob for our public & guests as always. Not your typical art fair, definitely worth a visit to South Dallas for this one day only annual event.

Amy Smith - painting

Horsen Around Studios - painting and photography

Brad Abrams - blown and cast glass

Carnival Barker Foods - handmade food

J.C. Frey - painting

Jason Weiner - painting

Jenice Sheree Johnson - jewelry

Kelley Cheek - book and card art

Khalid Robertson - painting

Laura Abrams - sculpture

Monique Jannette - painting

Poppy Xander - musician

Rolando Ozuna and Ching Chang Sue - painting

Sherry Talbot - photography

Ted Tutor - metal art, sculpture

Tom Carlton - painting

William Ross - pyrography


4 bands all afternoon playing music to enjoy art by. Live music will accompany this art event with performances by

Swirve (a progressive improvisational jazz combo)

Pecan Tree (blues and rock jams) and 

- Poppy Zander (jazz, gamelan, marimba, and rock/metal)

Treehouse Collective

Kate Miner Orchestra

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